Photo Lasers – Engrave Your Photo Using a 3D Photo Cube

Laser photo crystal polishing creates the perfect finish for photos and keeps them in their most desirable condition. With a professional set of polishes and tools, you can polish any kind of photo, whether it is of your baby or a holiday photo. No matter how big or small your photos are, they will look just as stunning as the moment they were taken. Some people are hesitant about using an electron beam and its accompanying energy to create the desired effect, but a well-trained technician can give you professional results in a matter of minutes. Here are some basic steps for the perfect set of photo lasers

You can start by preparing your photos and the pieces of glass that they are mounted on. Start by coating your glass with a protective sealant. After this is done, place the pieces on the table so they are lined up perfectly and place a sheet of newspaper between them and the piece to be polished, making sure that no light enters.

Next, the photo will be placed into a flat surface such as a table. Place a flat surface between your piece and the flat surface that you are working on. Then apply a second coat of sealant. Wait for a few minutes before wiping away excess sealant with a clean rag. Next, place the piece on the glass that you are working on and then apply another coat of sealant. After this, carefully wipe away excess sealant with a clean rag.

Now, place the piece into the center of the flat surface, making sure that the laser is level. Let the piece stand there until the glow has faded. Remove the piece from the flat surface, keeping in mind that your piece will not be completely flat until all the light has been eliminated from the piece

After the glow has faded, the best thing that you can do is to polish your photo with your own three-dimensional glass cube. To make your crystal images appear like real crystal images. Now that your photo has been properly engraved, put it on the glass cube with a sheet of cardboard between the glass and the cube. For more fun, you can apply some paint on a glitter to the sides of the cube to give it a more glossy look

Always ensure that you use good quality glass cubes because laser beams can cause damage if they are too bright or if they are too small. The last thing you want to do is to have your photo destroyed by using poor quality glass cubes. After your photo has been polished, keep it in a safe place to dry. Make sure that it is protected from humidity to maintain the crystal’s luster.